Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mostly Modern

Where do you take a chef out to celebrate on her night off? Last year just after she set up her new catering company, Miss Reingold Catering, my friend Rachel Mulcahy helped me close on my new apartment. Now she works double time as a lawyer by day and a chef by night. I wanted the night to be delicious and fun and so we went to my most favorite restaurant in NYC, The Modern. Her husband Brian works close by and although they had been to the bar after visiting MOMA they had never eaten in the main dinning room.

You have to love Rachel and her flair for things. She arrived in the perfect Diane von Furstenberg dress that must have been inspired by a Mondrian Painting.

The food was delicious from the cucumber panna cotta to the white asparagus with morrels, There were escargot wrapped in crispy potato, wild salmon with celeriac puree, chorizo crusted sea bass and for desert a pineapple plate, a lemon napoleon and a chocolate tart. We all happily argued over who's meal was the best.

And don't think that is the end because as we were leaving we were all handed a little gift bag. This morning the memories lingered on as I cut into the lemon cake.

Did you ever eat in a Danny Meyer establishment that you didn't love? Not me!

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