Thursday, April 30, 2009


It is just after 3 am and I am sitting here busy at my computer. In 2 hours a car is coming to pick me up to take me to the airport. I am very excited to be going down to St Barths to photograph a wedding but in the mean time I just felt I had to get one last entry up for you all especially as last night was such an amazing evening. Evelyn Lauder is the heart and soul and continuing driving force behind BCRF. She works tirelessly to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. And what a mighty important thing that is for all us women. Thank you Evelyn. And with her comes her friends who show up every year at the Warldorf Astoria.

Elton John and Liz Hurley light up any room that they walk into and with them comes a little magic. This year Elton brought us Liza Minnelli to sing and wow, did she put on a show. Not only that, she stopped in the middle of her performance and raised $50,000 by refusing to sing New York, New York unless 5 people would donate $10,000. You go Liza! And then she sang her heart out for us all. So here I am dreaming about sleep but with more important things to do.

It is amazing to me how the gowns reflected the colors of the flowers that I photographed earlier in the week in Central Park. It must be told that Evelyn insisted that all her friends find something in their wardrobes to wear. She was the first to admit her dress had been hanging in her closet for 2 years. I heard Liz Hurley mention that her dress was 5 years old and was last worn on the red carpet at Cannes. Don't you just love it! I do!
And don't let me forget to tell you just how delicious dinner was. Short ribs and mash. Yum

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