Thursday, April 2, 2009

Henry Street is our Street

Last night just as I was leaving the studio to go shoot the Henry Street Settlement Gala at the Plaza it started to pour. With no umbrella I stood on the corner of 18th and 9th willing a taxi to come by and rescue me. Luckily before I was completely drenched a knight in shining yellow armor arrived to save me.

One of the first couples to arrive was Harry and Laura Slatkin who I found making certain their table was perfect. It was Laura who organized the first Henry Street Benefit over 15 years ago and in the process she met and married Harry.

The Mayor came to make a speech and to commend everyone on their hard work helping to raise money for such an important organization in the city.

This years honoree was Tatiana von Furstenberg the actress/writer/director/musician/renaissance woman who is herself a resident of the Lower East Side. After the dinner she was the first one up to dance.

A special thanks to Jill Fairchild who somehow convinced the food captain to find a meal for me and Joe

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